"He didn't know it was impossible so he did it."

Bader El Baten

Enterprise Application

With a dedicated career in recruitment spanning six years, I’m passionate about helping individuals achieve their career and business goals. I thrive on understanding unique profiles and future business plans to make meaningful connections that extend beyond the conventional recruitment process.

The excitement for me comes from successfully filling roles, not just as a placement achievement but as a positive impact on lives and the growth of client organisations. The gratitude expressed by candidates and clients fuels my commitment to excellence in every step of the recruitment process.

I take pride in strategically building a network of exceptional candidates and clients, ensuring our agency remains a go-to resource for great talent and exciting opportunities.


Specialisations: Enterprise Application

Get to know Bader

My main passion is my family and fiancee – they drive my hard work and commitment.

I like hitting the gym, not just for fitness but to balance out my chocolate indulgence.

I moved to Australia because of my love of the beach and scuba diving – the ocean is my happy place.

Hiking and mountain exploration are my go-to for relaxation and embracing the beauty of nature in my free time.