Andrew Donald, “live” from Bondi Beach, Aug 14, 2016;

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City to Surf? Just in case you’re not a Sydney local, this race is a part of the city’s culture and a feature on every social calendar! This 14km (fun)run takes in some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches like Bondi, and picturesque suburbs like Double Bay and Vaucluse, famous for its massive incline commonly known as ‘Heartbreak Hill’. Just when you think you’re at the top there seems to always be a little more to break your heart. Every year I like to think it’s quite an accomplishment finishing (and I’m sure the 80,000 other people who did it this year thought so as well)!

I was happy with my time this year, not a personal best, but a good effort none the less at 65mins. Our resident fitness pin-up athlete Russell ‘Jamie Lannister’ Gallagher effortlessly jogged in an impressive time of 62 min without any training for his maiden city 2 surf; closely followed by the (ever cranky), ‘old man Sean McCartan’!


The Onset ‘support crew’ Anastasiya Loukienko, Torie Saltzman and Luda Collins took advantage of the great views along the East coast and were rumored to have spent as much time on PR, dancing and monkeying around, as running!


It was great to see Sydney in such a celebratory mood, with every outfit under the sun in full display. At one point in time I was pushing hard and needed a real boost to keep the momentum up when I saw Forest Gump literally running right beside me – he gave me a smile and the energy I was looking for as well as reminding me this is a fun run.


There is a real feeling of elation as you get to the end of the race. As you approach Bondi it’s all downhill, the crowd’s cheers seem louder, and even though your entire body aches, you can’t help but fly! This year, my body was screaming blue-murder and just as I was thinking “I hope I can make it, I looked ahead to see the runner in front of me suddenly wobble around and get light on his feet. As I went to run past him he fainted and luckily a few of us managed to catch him as he fell. A quick paramedic pit-stop was definitely in order – we dropped him off, wished him the best and got back on track as quick as we could.


As the day progressed and the race ended, the good cheer and sportsmanship didn’t; it’s a now new Onset tradition to people watch over a few cold beers and share stories down at the Beach Rd Hotel. We hope to see you for a cold one next year!!!!

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