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In recruitment, success comes from caring about the people you work with, paying it forward and making the right introductions. We are Australia’s leading technology recruitment agency because we have a proven track record of helping candidates and businesses thrive.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure we help you secure the best outcome possible. We’ve got your back.

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Great success requires great focus

Onset recruiters will give you more than just a job spec. We’ll take the time to prep you for your interview, explain the role in depth and guide you through the process. Your experience with us will be different.

You’ll know we’ve got your back throughout the recruitment process and because we’re specialists you’ll have access to a variety of roles to suit you.

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Our commitment to you

We invest in relationships. When we promise an outcome, we make it happen.

We’ll take time to get to know you beyond the resume. We’ll meet with you face to face, discuss your career direction and most importantly listen. You’ll be introduced to the businesses you’re interested in, hear about unique opportunities and enjoy great advice.

We’ll keep you in the loop on your progress at all times and we’ll stay in touch once the recruitment process is over.

Clients we work with

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We have options for you. Our client base is as diverse as you are.

We work with businesses that innovate, create and inspire. They’re startups, scaleups, enterprise, disrupters & established corporations. We’ll work with you to find the right role and organisation for your next step.

Your next role
What candidates
say about our team members

Ronny understood my career aspirations and successfully managed to align my profile with opportunities. We worked perfectly as a team in order to make sure that both me and the company are an excellent match… Thanks to The Onset I could find exactly the position I was looking for!

Jose Muller Prospa

I had a very stress free and one-of-a-kind recruitment experience with Christina. She happened to connect with me at the time when I was ready and looking for something that will give me an opportunity to do full stack development… I value sincerity, honesty and professionalism and she has demonstrated them all.

Neneth Robledo Rezdy

…The roles Onset had were all really exciting and challenging, I eventually accepted an offer… If I have any questions regarding payroll or need an update on market or new role/contract I just shoot an email or give a call. I’m really happy with Onset’s services and I’ve referred quite a few of my friends!

Syed Junaid Yousuf Tech Lead/Senior Data Engineer oOh! Media Ltd

The entire process was very smooth. They worked very hard to find the perfect match for me. I wouldn’t be able to find that without them… The entire team is amazing and super friendly. Tasha and Ronny are the real MVPs.

Tanvir Hossain Software Engineer @ HIVERY

Julien is one of those rare professionals that you always hope to encounter during your career – and when I found myself on the wrong side of 50 and looking for a new role, I was fortunate enough to encounter him. His professionalism and dedication have him stand head and shoulders above his peers in the industry.

James Shelton Senior Consultant - Technical @ DXC Technology

The recruitment process with Julien at The Onset has been a great experience from the first moment… he demonstrated a good knowledge of the technical field and its context, as well as its market inside and out… Not only he’s helped me to find a successful job that I like, but he’s also continued to follow up with me regarding my achievements.

Lorenzo Chianura Software Engineer @ Calumino

I am amazed by Farid’s ability to build good relationship with his clients. The constant follow ups and updates plus his genuine concern makes him a stand out from the rest. It was lovely working with Farid and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.

Evelyn Tee Operational Delivery Lead

Throughout the process I found Christina to be extremely helpful and available. Christina and the whole Onset team helped me to secure the role I have wanted for a long time… It was very easy to reach Christina via email or by phone. …Overall, the process and experience with the Onset was fantastic in my case.

Sudhan Timsina Software Engineer @ Prospection

I found Paul to have a strong knowledge of the value of Product to a business, and importantly, a network of senior product contacts within the tech businesses I was targeting for my next role. This was instrumental in pushing the recruitment process forward – within a relatively short time I had multiple interviews and landed a key role that I love.

Rory Watt Senior Product Manager - Site Minder

It was refreshing to engage with somebody like Shaun who is experienced, well informed and puts people first, embodying core values of ‘The Onset’. It’s rare to find an agent with such detailed industry knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs. I appreciate Shaun taking the time to brief me on the role and client outcomes prior to the meeting interview.

Kevin D'Souza Senior Solutions Consultant DXC

Jay was absolutely fantastic. Out of all the recruiters I have worked with, he is the most professional, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate recruiter I have had the pleasure to work with. He very quickly found multiple roles that fit my requirements, and I couldn’t be happier in my chosen role. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for the next step in their career.

Jordan Cran oOh Media

What struck me most was how thorough they were. My consultant, Sean, insisted I meet him in advance of my meeting with my prospective employer and put me through my paces testing my knowledge, company research, questions for hiring manager.

Jennifer Flynn Group Manager, Product Management

I had a great experience working with Kris recently, who helped me secure an exciting new role. Right from our first conversation, Kris came across as very capable in understanding my skills and career aspirations, and matching it one of the positions he was recruiting for. Kris kept me updated through the entire process.

Contract BA at IPG Media Brands

Luda listened to what I was looking for, gathering all the required intel to decide on what’s best for me. She acted as a splendid mediator between me and the company. When there were hiccups Luda was there and she was there for every small detail you can think of. Even working on her off-days to make sure I was taken care of. Honestly, you can’t get better person than Luda

Madhu Kumaar Lead developer - Koala - Luda

The Onset is one of the best recruitment firms I have worked with. Kris is great at developing relationships with candidates and provided excellent guidance on the Australian job market. Kris recognises your talents for connecting you with the right job opportunities, and then keeps candidates informed and motivated during the entire recruitment process

Omar Khalid oOh! Media

It was an absolute pleasure from the day one. Kris created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and was extremely attentive to all my requests and questions. He was incredibly supportive throughout interview stages by sending additional information and questionnaires to built up my confidence and knowledge about the company. Overall it was unusually quick and smooth recruiting process I have ever had and I cant recommend Kris high enough!

Nadya Metalnikova nearmap

Overall I found the process to be managed very professionally. I never had to worry about anything slipping through the cracks because it was very clear that you were on top of it.

Ben Ritchie growth marketer at Hatch

I’ve just signed the contract with my new employer today. Julien read between the lines to strike up a deal which has everybody winning. During the whole process Julien kept me informed of all the goings on.

Shannon McCullough Software Testing @ Brevelle

Greg was extremely helpful in securing a great career opportunity for me. He is knowledgeable, responsive and understands the analytics landscape for his clients. I highly recommend Greg if you are looking for your next career move.

Gabriel Miranda IPG

Samantha was a massive help throughout the whole recruitment process. I felt as though she, and the Onset genuinely cared about my experience and satisfaction with the role. I’d recommend any product, UX, UI designer looking for interesting roles to reach out to Samantha and The Onset

Sean Batchelor Product Design and Strategy @ Hatch

Sam provided wonderful support and guidance throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond. A genuine, honest, down to earth professional with a deep understanding for the digital industry. Thank you Sam!

Nathalie Cano Digital Producer at NSW Business Chamber

“I am grateful for Onset (especially Tasha & Ronny) for providing me with my first job in Australia, it is one of the biggest moments in my life.
Thank you to everybody at Onset for helping me directly & indirectly throughout my Journey.”

Sandeep Navale Ooh Media Data Engineer

I felt that Tasha had my best interests at heart and worked hard to find a company that would be a good fit for me. Soon after, I was starting in a great team that matched my skillset and personality really well. Tasha organised and guided me through each stage of the interview process, answering any questions I had. I definitely recommend her, whether you’re looking for a new job or building out your team

James Fallon Software Engineer at EARTH AI

I really appreciate the time he took with me, challenging and coaching me to an extent. Dan really made the effort to get to know me and where I was coming from and I really took a lot from our conversations that helped me throughout the process of finding the next role and company that was right for me. Dan is someone I would definitely recommend to others as I believe he is fantastic at what he does.

Andrew Bolton

“I have worked with many recruitment consultants and I can say with confidence that Farid is definitely top of the notch His passion and professionalism and how he emotionally connects with candidates is extraordinary!”

Shawn Wang Senior Site Reliability Engineer at WooliesX

It was really good experience working with you so far. You have been always available to clarify any questions. Your commitment and timely communication is really appreciated. The recruitment process was very simple and quick. It did not take long days to keep the ball rolling on the recruitment process. I am looking forward to keep working with you in the future as well.

Shoba Anandadh Senior Digital BA - WooliesX

Farid was a pleasure to work with; he was very efficient in organizing my engagement with Woolies X within a short period of time. During our regular check-ins, he provided all the necessary information to help navigate the organization. Really appreciate the open communication and all the support. Thank you.

Adam Albrecht QA Lead - WooliesX

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Farid Ahmed. He made sure I thoroughly understood the role, what my future responsibilities are, and how the opportunity would fit my career goals. He was open to all the inquiries I had and guided me throughout the application process and company onboarding. Everything went smoothly despite the challenging COVID-19 times. I am happy with the role I am in right now! Thank you Farid!

Ara Morales Senior QA - WooliesX

I want to take some time to appreciate the professional and understanding approach taken by Mr Farid Ahmed during my tenure with Onset and WooliesX. He is always there whenever I need any sort of assistance with my work with WooliesX. He takes out time from his busy schedule to check out with me if things are going smoothly for me or not. During the time of my interview process also, he was quick to pass on any sort of information which I may be needing about next interview schedule etc. I can rely on him any time as far as my dealing with Onset and WooliesX is concerned.

Rajneesh Yadav Senior QA - WooliesX

Tasha is genuinely supportive and a very well listener. She has good knowledge in the industry so you won’t feel the gaps and sometimes she can express even clearer about yourself. Tasha has also demonstrated her responsibility well. Though I was not successful for the first company due to my lack of experience, she was keeping her eyes open for me on other opportunities. Finally, I successfully landed at WooliesX as a Machine Learning Engineer, which I considered a much better and fitted one. I appreciate Tasha’s help very much!

Castiel Huang ML Engineer - WooliesX

The recruitment process was well organised by Onset and I didn’t face any problems. Tasha tried to understand my work experience and my interests before suggesting a new role to me. I felt she was very professional and friendly to approach. I like the fact that she respected my goals and didn’t compel me to take up an interview she had to fill immediately. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Onset and wouldn’t hesitate to approach them in the future.

Deepak Telkar Senior Data Engineer - WooliesX
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Having a good morning routine can help you gain control of the day, rather than letting the day control you.

We've got some tips on how you can better utilise your time and start to "win the day"! #changestartswithyou #technologyrecruitment #careerprogression #recruitmenttips #opportunites #getoutofyourcomfortzone #recruitment

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Perspective is everything! "Working From Home" or "Working Remotely"? We've got some tips to help you adopt a long-term approach when it comes to remote working.
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Change is never easy but how you adapt to change can make all the difference.

Here's what we've been doing to tackle the challenges of working remotely as a team.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to know more on remote working. Call us today on: 0438 706 627.

Watch this space, there's more to come!

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Smiles of relief! 🧗‍♀️ ...

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Give a huge Onset Welcome to Mikky Hughes!

We are absolutely delighted to have Mikky join the team as our Associate Account Manager for Information Security. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Why not get in touch to find out what opportunities are out there for you on 0419 044 837 or mikky@theonset.com.au.

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Thanks team for this morning's incredible spread!


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This morning we took a little time out to celebrate all the incredible, corageous and utterly brilliant women that make up our team!

We talked about women who inspire us, from those in the public eye, to our mothers and of course each other! It was truly inspiring!

Without our team of successful women and men there would be no Onset and so we don’t just celebrate today but everyday!

#internationalwomensday #womenintech #inspiringwomen #recruitment #technologyrecruitment

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As an equal opportunities organisation we accredit a large part of our success to our incredible team here at The Onset.

We recognise the importance that a diverse and inclusive workforce can have on our company culture, employee engagement and our overall customer experience!

For us it is more than just filling a role, we want to see our candidates grow and develop in a company that will support them on their individual journeys.
As well as providing our clients with exceptional individuals that are creative thinkers, team players and utterly committed to achieving their goals.

Following an awesome weekend we wanted to celebrate each individual coming together to form a collective team that have PRIDE in who we are and what we do!

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Say Hello to Sarah Laverty!

Sarah is our incredible Contracts Administrator and keeps everything running smoothly here at The Onset.

She has been an integral part of the Onset team from early on, playing a huge role in our back office operations - we'd be lost without her!

If you have any queries or want to know more about your next opportunity get in touch on 0438 706 627.

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Amy is the Operations Manager here at The Onset. With a focus on people & culture, Amy is a huge part of our team development and is responsible for our go-to-market voice and marketing.
Her everyday commute is on the back of her kick-ass Harley-Davidson, she has her own bespoke jewellery line and has a bunny called Thistle!

Want to know more about who we are or looking for your next recruitment opportunity? Get in touch on 0437 344 694 or amy@theonset.com.au

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Congratulations to our Raffle prize winners and a massive thank you to everyone who got involved to help support a truly worthy cause.

Alongside our raffle fundraiser the Onset team made tremendous effort to contribute in other ways.

From the office fundraiser breakfast to an afternoon of “swap shopping”, we managed to raise an incredible total of $1673.37.

All proceeds will be going to @wireswildliferescue to further support their commendable work across Australia.

If you have yet to receive your prize please contact us on 0438 706 627.

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The lovely ladies of Onset getting the last of the raffle prizes together. Only one day left to get your tickets and help support a great cause @wireswildliferescue. Check out the link in our bio to get your tickets today. ...

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We're holding a raffle next Friday to raise money for WIRES Inc to help support their amazing work to save and help animals from the bushfire crisis.
We have some awesome prizes including dinner for two at The Dining Room, hair and beauty at Esstudio Galleria PTY LTD Comedy Store gift voucher, AMBRY Design custom jewellery, Case of Wine and much much more!
Thank you so much!! The Onset

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@shaunhenry123 helping us out by finishing the last to the Xmas chocolate! #devops #devopsengineer #devopslife ...

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the all the team here at The Onset!⠀
Just a heads up, our office will be closed from the 24th December to the 6th January. ⠀
We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!⠀
P.s. If any of your presents go missing on Christmas Eve… you can blame Sean!

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