The New Ways Working Report is definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen it as yet.

Common throughout the report is a clear separation between what was and what will be. The report highlights that the future of work has a strong focus on organisational purpose, creation of shared values, and the rise of the employee.


As a theme, we are seeing that employees will choose employers  and that selection will be based on shared-values and social impact. Equally, social networks are playing a bigger role with employees utilising Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like to publicly call out organisations on bad practice and culture.

On the flip side, there is a trend towards employers and customers using social networks to celebrate employees and create company celebrities.

Social networks being such a part of daily life now means it’s normal for us to experience instant-access to feedback and this, in turn, is supporting the demise of ‘annual performance’ reviews. Feedback will be instant and two-way and employees will relish this.

H.R. teams will focus on brand-conscious recruitment models with ‘customer-experience’ at the centre. At the same time a change in the type of work to more outcomes-based roles will drive autonomy and decision making for employees.

So while there are a good 80 pages here to immerse yourself in, the insights are valid, the case-studies are strong, and you will undoubtedly walk away thinking differently.

Grab a drink, put your favourite tunes on, find some sunshine and settle in – this one is worth the time.