Employees are increasingly opting to work from home. Many think that this might make them lazy. And with the Australian culture ruminating this new concept – potentially a take on an Al Stewart classic comes to mind – “a flaming bludger”.

The reality of what we are seeing and will highlight in the third instalment in our New Ways Of Working Report highlights, is that people are just doing what works for them. If working from home increases productivity and reduces stress then brands are opening the doors to teams who want to work like this.

Virtual and mobile working practices breaks down geographic and physical barriers to employment. This enables access to good jobs, and the wellbeing and prosperity that goes with them.  A key benefit is that people will be able to attain the dignity that comes from sustainable work – anywhere in the world.

“Thanks to clever design that’s based around people, not desks, workspaces are set to be reborn – as a creative place where people meet, collaborate and generate the innovative ideas, key to future survival. More than places to simply do tasks, future offices will carefully communicate corporate culture – and be a global window into each unique brand.”

New Workplaces will see an emphasis on shared workspaces to put the emphasis on universal collaboration, rather than leaders ‘commanding’ from a distance.

Offices won’t be just a physical space. Many will be a living model, of each company’s culture. As BT notes in its Workshift: The Future of the Office report, the space will shape people’s perception of what the business is about and help bring its strategy to life. This will help consumers and collaborators understand more about the brand, and act as a recruitment call-out for talented people who see their passions reflected in the floor plan.

So if you dread the grey walls of your next career move, fear not – that’s starting to chang. And if you’re struggling to get your teams thinking creatively, think about how your environment could be having a negative impact on their ability to think outside of the box.