In our final update on the New Ways Of WorkingReport we quickly highlight three practices that have played a distinctive role in the workplaces more recently, and how even they are being transformed by digital technology.

Social Networks

The growth of social networks means people can instantly provide insights, share knowledge and shape opinions. Employees can share thoughts on their employers and campaign against bad practices. If social media can help overthrow governments and political regimes then – employers beware – bad behaviour will become public.

In an article for Forbes, Juliet Barbara explains that this behaviour may not only negatively affect a company’s ability to hire the best people, but also its brand and bottom line. On the other hand, this radical transparency means the best employers can become world renowned for good practice – recognised and celebrated online by their customers and communities


Society is looking to more forward-thinking organisations to lead the way in best-practice. Companies that don’t see the opportunity in changing the way they do business, or realise the power of consumers, are likely to be left behind. Increased transparency about business – brought about by social media and campaigning sites such as SumOfUs and – means consumers, like future employees, are better informed than ever before about corporations and their business practices. Companies today are more exposed, and often forced to defend their actions or change the way they do business to meet society’s demands.

Stress Management

Increasingly companies are viewing stress management, resilience and mindfulness as resources every bit as essential to productivity as a smartphone or a computer. Once the bi-product of fads, these resources will become ever-more important. We’ve already seen that innovation, and going beyond ‘business as usual’, is going to be key to thriving in a globally competitive workplace. This means nurturing employees who are healthy, secure and stress-free enough to come up with game-changing creative ideas.

So there you have it. The Future Of Work Report Review. 30-something pages drilled down into 5 short posts. Of course there are complexities to the way we work that we have not even touched on. The next 10 years are going to revolutionise the next 100 years. What we do now, how we respond to change, how we innovate will impact our children and theirs.  

Words of wisdom  – don’t sit back and let change go by – jump on board, embrace it, create the tomorrow you want.