Collaboration. Virtual Networks. Mobility. Multi-Generational Teams. For some, these are just the latest ‘must-use’ words for that manager who wants to “kick it with the cool kids”. For others, these words help categorise the new movements taking workplaces by storm.

(Side Note: If you well versed in New Ways Of Working stop reading – this article isn’t for you).

If you’ve got 3 or 4 hours spare then read The B Team’s New Ways Working Report – it’s a solid top level overview of how corporate culture is changing. If you’re strapped for time, we’ve selected the key points to get your brain thinking and share them here along with our thoughts.

You might be mistaken for thinking that today’s workplaces are being overrun by flannel clad hipsters drinking chai latte’s and asking ‘how are you feeling’. In fact what you’re actually experiencing is a new era of employee engagement that is transforming organisations and company culture.

Attracting new talent is becoming increasingly linked to an organisation’s ‘Purpose’ – as well as its contribution to society – both locally & globally. Future employees are taking this into account during their selection process; and employers whose values they respect will win the war on talent.

The concept of being an ‘employer of choice’ is vital. Employees choose employers based on their values, purpose, options for flexible working and pathways for personal and professional development.

The New Ways Of Working Report outlines that “Brand-conscious companies are beginning to interact with potential employees with the same care they give customers.”

Organisations are starting to see the value in developing recruitment experiences which benefit candidates “from start to finish” – even if candidates don’t get a job at the end of them.

For many people work is not only about being successful and making money. Employment that aligns with personal values will become the norm. Employees who feel part of the positive impact that the business is making will stick around longer.

As Raj Sisodia and his co-authors write in Firms of Endearment: “The pressure on companies to play larger roles in addressing social concerns will mount as we become less of a ‘having’ society and more of a ‘being’ society.”

So whether you see it as a hipster takeover or as the awaking of purpose-driven cultures,  brands are starting to pay more attention to positioning their purpose to customers, employees and candidates. With that in mind, brands need to ask themselves “how do I compete?” and candidates need to ask potential employers “what do you stand for?”