Surf’s Up

Team Onset getting ready to ride the Bondi breaks. . .

BeYourOwnHero – February 2017, by Sean “Dr” Collins.

So, February was my turn to run Onset’s BeYourOwnHero program and I thought it was time that the Onset team swapped the white-board for the surf-board and show how AGILE we really are.

Olly and Annika agreed that you can’t beat spending a day on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach in your first week with a new crew, and from the moment it was announced, the excitement was palpable. Several of the team were eager to show off their surfing skills, as well as their beach bodies! In saying this, some bodies are best kept covered up and yes I’m talking about you Sean “Casper” McCartan. It’s just as well we all brought our sunglasses!

We battled midday traffic and finally found some parking in Bondi, (which in itself was a team bonding exercise) then made the short stroll to the surf school and prepared ourselves for dreaded wetsuit fitting. You have never seen so much “chicken chesting” and “gut sucking” in one place. Rumour has it Andrew actually passed out from holding his breath for too long.

We signed the obligatory health and safety forms (and like most recruiters, we may or not have read the small print!), then off we went, down to the beach to collect our (beginner) boards and begin our lesson.

While the rest of us struggled to stand up on shore, we could see the benefits of ‘Stas and Luda mastering Pilates as they seemed way too graceful for first-time surfers. Some of us were naturals, as Ronny “no hair anywhere” Haughton and Russell “got any jobs” Gallagher were chopping at the bit to get into the water.

After mastering the basics, we were thrust into the deep end. Now, it wasn’t a bad day weather wise, but even the small waves were a little daunting as we tried to put into action the new techniques we’d rehearsed easily on the sand. Applying these skills on a board flying through crashing waves was a lot harder than we expected. Never fear though, we had 3 expert instructors to give us hands-on help and guide us off the breaks.

The whole team fully embraced the lesson and (almost) everyone managed to stand up, some more polished than others. Often it was the smallest of changes that made the difference to getting upright – hand placement, timing, feet positioning, and staying patient.

The hour flew by and before you knew it, the lesson was coming to an end.  We were all exhausted but the smiles on everyone’s faces told the true story. We’d conquered fears, pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones, and celebrated every moment of anyone’s wave riding with massive cheers and laughs.

We were reminded of the power that making a small change can make. The margin of error between success and failure rides on mastering the nuances of every technique. The parallels to our own work in recruitment were not lost on any us, and you can bet Aaron had no shortage of analogies to send this point home!

Once we’d showered and posed for a few social media snaps, it was onto the North Bondi RSL for some well-deserved food and drink. Claire’s event planning skills were on show with great food for all, and with the adrenaline pumping, the competitive streak came out . . . as the drinks flowed, my stories of mastering the ocean got taller, just like the waves we’d just been surfing!

Overall, a great afternoon was had by all – and just to top it all off, proving once again you should give everything a go – one of the team even won the seafood platter later that night. Cheering!

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What our clients say

“Ronny & the Onset Group helped us scale our team in the early stages of our growth, finding a number of talented engineering candidates to join our Development team. The Onset Group are highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Georgia Punch
HR & Operations

“We have been working with the Onset Group for the past few years, helping us secure both contract and permanent staff across multiple technical areas. They always ensure they have our business’ needs in mind and it’s great working with a partner that truly understands the technical space that we are in. Of all of the recruiters I have met or worked with over the years, I couldn’t recommend this group any more.”

Paul Madani
Head of Data and Technology

“IPG Mediabrands have built a solid, trusting working relationship with the Onset Group over the past few years. We are very selective on who we partner with regarding our recruitment needs. The Onset Group have proven time and time again, they absolutely deserve a spot on our PSA. They understand our business, they deliver, they follow up, they’re smart and they are professional.”

Lisa Gray
Head of Human Resources

“I’ve worked in the product community in Sydney for just 3 years and the Onset are my go-to folk for product talent (and opportunities). Once in my role I worked with the team at Onset to build out my product team of 6 over the next year. So I’ve experienced the quality and expertise from both sides of the engagement.”

Jennifer Flynn
Group Manager, Product Management

“Working with The Onset was fantastic. They spent the time with me up front on understanding not only the requirements of the role but also the qualities and skill sets needed to fill the role well. The candidates provided were really strong and led to hires who have not only helped us fill roles but also enhance our overall company culture by introducing us to top quality candidates. Thanks Onset!”

Yaniv Klein
Product Director

“We partnered with The Onset, a leading IT recruitment agency, explained the journey we were on, and asked them to sell our vision to the Sydney market in our search for high quality developers. It was important that the people we chose not only had high technical skills but were a good cultural fit and understood where oOh! was going”

Andy Mcquarrie
Chief Technology Officer

“…by taking time to understand our unique hiring requirements, both from the start and as our needs have evolved. At Digital Asset, we’re looking for engineers and product managers with a specialized mix of skills and industry experience, for example, a strong background in financial services, or knowledge of functional programming languages. Onset has helped us find experienced candidates who are not only highly qualified but also inspired to work with a firm like ours”

Drew Harding
Senior Delivery Manager

“In addition to running the search and recruitment process they helped us to shape the role and were able to guide us through what was happening in the market and the experiences of other high growth companies.”

Rachel Debeck
Chief Operating Officer

“It was a pleasure working with Danielle to source a full stack developer for our company. She put real effort into understanding what we were looking for and helped us find the right candidate. Plus helped us find the first female developer!”

Antony Francis
Team Lead

“Onset has been partnering with Haventec for over three years. The team at Onset have the great ability to connect with our team and understand our business and culture to be able to place employees that fit our team like a glove. It takes great talent to recognise the unique needs of each business and to be able to deliver on them so well”

Edora David
Business Operations Manager

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