“You don’t grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life, and it needs a lot of work, and it needs a lot of risk.”
Francis Mallman

Girlie Paulin

Recruitment Consultant - Software Engineering

I’m always excited to be a part of finding people ideal opportunities, dreams jobs and matching them with companies that they share values with. I enjoy working with candidates who share their goals with me and learning about their experience and the projects that they’ve worked on in the past.

Working in the technology recruitment space enables you to see things differently. You don’t just see the final product as an end-user. You gain insights into the process and teams behind some of the technologies and products that are developing in the market.

Specialisations: Contracting Delivery Lead

Get to know Girlie

I go to the beach a lot and I’m learning to free dive.

I am an adrenaline junkie. I love ziplines, wall climbing, trekking and trail hiking and
hope to try sky diving soon!

I started practicing yoga in 2018 and I’ve been trying my best to meditate as often as
I can.

I love coffee just as much as I love tea!