"Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.”
Robin Sharma

Marianna Mood

Managing Director

People are what makes the difference to any organisation. They bring the “X factor” to every interaction, creating memorable moments for colleagues and customers alike. This is why leading teams to achieve success that they did not think possible has been my motivation throughout my career.

I have had the privilege to work with amazing individuals and organisations in Recruitment, HR and Consulting throughout a range of industries. I have been a part of building and developing teams from all with different cultures and geographies including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Gaining valuable customer insights across industries including technology, sales, marketing, finance, public sector, business support, transport/logistics and industrial, has driven my passion for customer led strategies. I aim to create a unique and memorable employee, customer and community experience, ultimately producing positive impacts to a business’ financial and cultural success.

Specialisations: Managing Director, Employee & Community Experience

Get to know Marianna

Travel makes me feel part of a greater global community but also it makes me appreciate what a privilege it is to live in Australia.

Seeing my two amazing boys grow and become aware of the impact they can make each and every day by following their dreams makes me very proud.

Health and wellbeing have become a huge priority. Waking before the sun rises and going for a run sets me up for a great day. It is my time and my version of mediation.

Design and architecture spark joy for me. I am such a visual person and appreciate and respect great design and the creativity involved.