"Be yourself today. You look beautiful like that!"

Hannah Venita

Delivery Consultant - Devops, Cloud & Infrastructure

I have had the opportunity to work across some fantastic roles in business operations, project migration and solution identification. Handling the migration of projects while starting from ground zero and living up to see the projects stand tall, has added feathers to my cap. I ventured into the world of diversity and inclusion while managing talent development in my team. I could not have asked for anything more enriching in my career. 

This inspired me for a new phase, which was to be at the juncture of change and new beginnings for others. I am passionate about learning the goals of individuals and being a difference maker in their career journey. I look forward to achieving this for those I work with across DevOps, Cloud and Infrastructure.

Specialisations: DevOps, Cloud and Infrastructure

Get to know Hannah

I enjoy craft and interior decoration. Creating something new is my biggest stress buster. I enjoy making things to decorate anything and everything.

I love cooking and trying a lot of fusion dishes. I inherited this from my mother dearest.

My husband and I go on a lot of trips with our daughter and take the road not taken! I love the rustic beauty and taste of the local food in the small towns and villages.