Tuesday 14th March 2017

by Ronny Haughton.

We‘ve all heard about IQ and EQ, and some of us may even follow GQ, but on Friday Chris Savage introduced me to the concept of CQ (Change Intelligence) at #savageSPRINT.

Technology, specifically Digital Marketing, is rapidly influencing human engagement in business. Consequently, we can’t solely rely on hard work and expertise to achieve elite performance. The ability to change and to try new things is essential; therefore self-awareness of your own CQ becomes relevant.

Some CQ related questions you could ask yourself:

  • Am I improving my core skills every day?
  • Am I pushing myself outside my comfort zone?
  • Am I self-educating and learning from those around me?
  • Am I enjoying what I do?
  • Is my approach working for me/my Company?

Score yourself out of 10 for each and add these up to be your CQ score /50. You could ask yourself these monthly/quarterly or however frequently you like. You could create your own questions too, just as long as you’re honest with your answers! Anything over 35 and you can be confident you’re CQ is at a solid level.

I joined the Onset Group in February 2016. After 5 years with my previous firm, I was met with several new challenges. E.g. working with new colleagues, new technology, selling a new concept and becoming a business partner for the first time.

Had I known a bit more about CQ and how to measure it, I’m sure this would have helped me to measure the transition.  As enjoyable and rewarding as it can be, change is tough, but like anything, if you can measure it, you can manage it!

Not everything that worked a year ago, a month ago or even last week will always work in future. This is a harsh reality, but not something we should be afraid of. Keeping track of how your CQ looks over time can help with reflecting on what worked and what you may need to improve on.

Also, CQ doesn’t only need to apply to business. For example, I’ll be applying some CQ measurement to my martial arts studies as well.


  • Was I happy with my last competition results?
  • Am I improving my knowledge outside of turning up to class?
  • Am I a good rolling partner?
  • Am I trying new techniques?
  • Am I respectful to my club, classmates and coaches?

Who knows, maybe in the job interviews of the future, hiring managers/recruiters/potential colleagues will want to know about your CQ before your IQ, but that’s definitely another conversation or blog post;)

Thanks for reading!

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