The Ruby Report

The Australian technology market is changing at an exponential rate. We’ve seen a huge rise in the adoption of emerging technologies and expansion of the startup space, with more incubators, increased access to funding and more community support than ever before. For many startups, Ruby is a language of choice and as they scale, the…

Software Engineer Resume (CV): The Definitive Guide (Updated for 2019)

While the debate still continues regarding the long term future of the “resume”, it’s still one of the most important documents to get right if you want to secure that next big job interview. The problem is that creating the perfect resume can be a time consuming and frustrating process. That’s why we created this…


Building teams for scale – 2 founder insights you need to know

#Sunrise18 was a bounty of knowledge and experience shared by founders and business leaders. We’ve taken away 2 key insights from the day to share with you. Importance of vision   Vision Laurie Yoler from Zoox reminds us that having a compelling business vision is at the epicentre of growth and success.  A truly compelling…


5 steps to nailing your interview presentation

The time has come, you’ve reached the closing stages for your dream role in an x-factor business. And you’ve been asked to present your ideas on a particular topic. Preparation for such an event can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. To help you, we’ve broken it down into 5 simple…


Time to Disconnect

Be Your Own Hero, by Kayleigh Bowyer. Be Your Own Hero is about doing things you wouldn’t normally do, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and bringing the whole team along for the ride.  This May, it was my turn to challenge the team to #BeYourOwnHero.   It’s a fact, I’m terrible at keeping…


Data science bosses agree on 3 things.

The Onset hosted the inaugural Data Dinner at Chin Chin in Surry Hills. Firstly, the food was excellent! Now back to data… At the table were CTO’s, Heads of Data and Senior Data Scientists from various organisations, including Fintech, Software, Artificial Intelligence and Media.  As conversation flowed there were some consistent themes around the table, lets…


Do you even ADAPT? by Ronny Haughton

Two days on the Goldy, Sheraton Mirage, 22 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, absolutely lovely!   The reason for our visit was no mere winter escape, but for the Adapt Digital Edge conference. Digital Executives, CIO’s and Transformation specialists from across the country (and around the world) flocked to the Goldy for…


“Forget GQ, what’s your CQ?”

Tuesday 14th March 2017 by Ronny Haughton. We‘ve all heard about IQ and EQ, and some of us may even follow GQ, but on Friday Chris Savage introduced me to the concept of CQ (Change Intelligence) at #savageSPRINT. Technology, specifically Digital Marketing, is rapidly influencing human engagement in business. Consequently, we can’t solely rely on…


Surf’s Up

BeYourOwnHero – February 2017, by Sean “Dr” Collins. So, February was my turn to run Onset’s BeYourOwnHero program and I thought it was time that the Onset team swapped the white-board for the surf-board and show how AGILE we really are. Olly and Annika agreed that you can’t beat spending a day on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach…


Wishing you all a safe and festive end to 2016.

As we wind down 2016, and head into 2017, here’s a quick holiday message from Claire;