How to hand in your notice, maintain decorum and move on!

You’ve done it!

You’ve put in the hard yards, impressed through your interviews and you’ve landed your dream job – Congratulations!

Now it’s time to tell your current employer that you’re leaving. The experience of handing in your notice will be different for everyone and each time you resign. It can feel daunting to tell your manager you’ve decided to move on. In this short article we aim to help guide you through this process, removing unnecessary anxiety and enabling you to start your next role in the best way possible.

1. Confidence in your approach

To ensure you’re prepared, it’s a good idea to make a brief plan for your resignation. Preparing a letter is one part and having the conversation with your manager is the other. Practice what you want to say and have the letter in hand to back up your decision formally.

Ensure wherever possible, to have the conversation face-to-face with your manager. Talk your manager through your reasons for leaving and make it clear that you’ve accepted another opportunity. Thank them for their support and the opportunities you’ve had since you’ve been with the business.

It is vital to be clear and concise – don’t waver in your reasons, and ensure that you let your manager know that as you are providing written notice of you resignation this is a final decision. It is typical for a professional firm and manager to acknowledge your resignation in writing post your meeting, but this is not essential.

2. Leave on good terms

Agree your exit date with your manager and offer to make the handover process as smooth as possible. Offer to train your replacement or to leave your manager and team with the necessary handover information. Try to avoid burning bridges as you never know what the future might hold.

3. The Counter Offer

Be prepared for a counter offer. You’re a valued employee and it’s likely that your manager may try to keep you with promises of a salary increase or promotion. At this moment it’s important to remember WHY you’ve made the decision to move on. Keep these reasons front of mind as you have this conversation with your manager.

There’s been much research into the tenure of people who accept counter offers. Approximately 80% of people who accept counter offers leave the business regardless within 6 months. If you receive what seems to be a compelling counter offer, be sure to speak to your recruiter for guidance.

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Dear [insert name]

I am hereby tendering my resignation from my role as [insert exact job title] at [company name] effective of today [insert date].

I am giving [insert number of weeks] notice in line with my employment contract. My last working day will be [insert date].

I want to thank you and all the team at [insert company name] for the opportunity and everything I have learned during this time with the business.

Wishing you and all the team every success for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

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