“Excellence is not a goal, it must be the standard."

Christine Callope

Senior Delivery Consultant - Software Engineering

I have been in the recruitment industry since 2014 and I have specialised in the technology sector for the duration of my career. I have conducted seminars at universities and use my experience in recruitment to train others to write resumes and how to ace interviews.

When I started working as a recruiter, I knew that my job had a purpose. I enjoy my work and see recruitment as my calling to help others find a calling of their own. I look forward to continue creating relationships and pathways for clients and candidates and doing this with The Onset team.

Specialisations:  Talent Delivery

Get to know Christine

I am passionate about spending time with my family. They are my happy pill.

I play guitar and compose or learn songs. Music recharges me.

I do “Zumba” or “Walk-at-Home” exercises in the morning. Walking is my exercise and keeps me fit and healthy.

I am passionate about my job. I focus on my work and achieving great results.