"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"
Henry Ford

Julien Bicknell

Associate Director - Software Engineering

I joined the Onset as a Principal Consultant in 2019, and was then promoted to Practice Lead for Software Engineering in 2021. Leading a team of recruiters who cover everything from back-end software down to the hardware it runs on.

My personal recruitment focus of the engineering piece is in the embedded software, electronics and mechatronics space. I typically work with deep tech companies – from start-up and scale-up to enterprise – working on novel products. I work with the inventors of wifi, companies that are putting tech in space, and companies building devices designed to treat neurological disorders.

I am also responsible for assembling a community of 700 Sydney-based engineers for my regular “Techies Who Give a Sh*t” meetups.

I am fully invested in what I do, and have developed close working relationships with key clients. This in turn lends an advantageous edge to those I work and connect with to have access to interesting people and businesses working across robotics, comms, networking, consumer electronics, IoT, medical devices, renewable energy and battery technology.

Specialisations: Embedded Software

Get to know Julien

I like playing video games… a lot!

Reading comics and am partial to a good zombie film. Lost count of how many times I’ve watched World War Z 😉

I love going camping at the weekends and getting out on my motorbike whenever possible!

I also really enjoy diving when I can find the time to do it.