"To infinity and beyond!"
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

Luckie Cabardo

Senior Delivery Consultant - Software Engineering

Engaging in conversations with individuals hailing from diverse professional backgrounds is my passion. Specialising in talent delivery, I bridge the gap between brilliant minds and groundbreaking projects.

After working in recruitment for over 10 years, the experience to learn more and the fun that comes while interacting with candidates, customers and my team members is still the most vibrant part of my work.

Specialisations: Senior Talent Delivery

Get to know Luckie

Travelling to different places, even locally, humbles me.

I love long walks – it means I can put time aside and can really think through things deeply and clearly.

Whenever I’m stressed out, I always find comfort in enjoying my favourite foods and drinks.

I love dancing, but that doesn’t mean I can dance…