'When your personal and professional values align you can go home at the end of the day confident that what you do actually matters'

First and foremost, I am a Technology Recruiter. I am also the CEO and Co-founder here at The Onset, overseeing the development for technology, TaaS and executive search.

I take the same approach to working with my team as I do my clients, focusing on listening, empathy, and encouragement as a means to successfully drive outcomes.

My philosophy is more listening, less talking. I’m a big believer in actively listening in order to read between the lines and truly decipher what the needs are that must be met.

Specialisations:  CEO and Co-Founder

Get to know Sean

Finally getting into Harry Potter, book one on the go

I’m a huge football fan and have always supported Man United.

I’m a modern-day Mr Motivator, love my keep-fit

When I’m not working, I provide taxi services to football, ballet and swimming for the two mini-me’s that live with me and my wife.