A New Routine – New Ways Of Working Series

In the second part of our look into the New Ways Of Working Report we look at how the everyday activities that we once thought were locked in and normalised; are changing.  

Workplaces are increasingly changing and becoming more engaged with programs that have a direct positive impact on their employees. While productivity is the destination, organisations are realising that there are many paths to get there.

As the Institute of Employment Studies states: “L&D activities are not seen as purely remedial for fixing people’s weaknesses but [need to be] regarded as an integral part of people’s ongoing growth and contribution”.

Cisco’s Transitioning to Workforce 2020 found that future workers will no longer be satisfied by an annual conversation about their performance. Increasingly social media is creating an instant-response culture and this is being highlighted within organisations. Real-time feedback will the norm. Staff will expect feedback to be a two-way process: employees won’t just receive feedback, they’ll give it too.

Brands are also starting to review how they lead their teams; identifying that one set style of leadership won’t be enough for leaders of the future to meet global challenges. Instead, they’ll need to adopt a range of perspectives – across private, public and not-for-profit sectors – as organisations become to adopt hybrid structures.

Decisions will be informed as much by the environment as the bottom line, as sustainability becomes more important. Making the best of finite resources will mean a different approach to competition too. Increasingly future leaders will encourage their teams to collaborate with other organisations to share information and knowledge.

Technology in the automated and additive manufacturing processes – like 3D printing or artificially intelligent machines that think, hear, speak and write – will disrupt traditional human roles, from the shop floor to the boardroom. The everyday jobs we know now, are changing quickly.

Despite the challenges of this digital technology revolution, forward-thinking organisations have a huge opportunity. Innovation will become the norm. Agile companies will succeed. Companies will solve problems quickly and employ multitalented global teams to make people’s lives better.

What our clients say

“Ronny & the Onset Group helped us scale our team in the early stages of our growth, finding a number of talented engineering candidates to join our Development team. The Onset Group are highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Georgia Punch
HR & Operations

“We have been working with the Onset Group for the past few years, helping us secure both contract and permanent staff across multiple technical areas. They always ensure they have our business’ needs in mind and it’s great working with a partner that truly understands the technical space that we are in. Of all of the recruiters I have met or worked with over the years, I couldn’t recommend this group any more.”

Paul Madani
Head of Data and Technology

“IPG Mediabrands have built a solid, trusting working relationship with the Onset Group over the past few years. We are very selective on who we partner with regarding our recruitment needs. The Onset Group have proven time and time again, they absolutely deserve a spot on our PSA. They understand our business, they deliver, they follow up, they’re smart and they are professional.”

Lisa Gray
Head of Human Resources

“I’ve worked in the product community in Sydney for just 3 years and the Onset are my go-to folk for product talent (and opportunities). Once in my role I worked with the team at Onset to build out my product team of 6 over the next year. So I’ve experienced the quality and expertise from both sides of the engagement.”

Jennifer Flynn
Group Manager, Product Management

“Working with The Onset was fantastic. They spent the time with me up front on understanding not only the requirements of the role but also the qualities and skill sets needed to fill the role well. The candidates provided were really strong and led to hires who have not only helped us fill roles but also enhance our overall company culture by introducing us to top quality candidates. Thanks Onset!”

Yaniv Klein
Product Director

“We partnered with The Onset, a leading IT recruitment agency, explained the journey we were on, and asked them to sell our vision to the Sydney market in our search for high quality developers. It was important that the people we chose not only had high technical skills but were a good cultural fit and understood where oOh! was going”

Andy Mcquarrie
Chief Technology Officer

“…by taking time to understand our unique hiring requirements, both from the start and as our needs have evolved. At Digital Asset, we’re looking for engineers and product managers with a specialized mix of skills and industry experience, for example, a strong background in financial services, or knowledge of functional programming languages. Onset has helped us find experienced candidates who are not only highly qualified but also inspired to work with a firm like ours”

Drew Harding
Senior Delivery Manager

“In addition to running the search and recruitment process they helped us to shape the role and were able to guide us through what was happening in the market and the experiences of other high growth companies.”

Rachel Debeck
Chief Operating Officer

“It was a pleasure working with Danielle to source a full stack developer for our company. She put real effort into understanding what we were looking for and helped us find the right candidate. Plus helped us find the first female developer!”

Antony Francis
Team Lead

“Onset has been partnering with Haventec for over three years. The team at Onset have the great ability to connect with our team and understand our business and culture to be able to place employees that fit our team like a glove. It takes great talent to recognise the unique needs of each business and to be able to deliver on them so well”

Edora David
Business Operations Manager

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