'There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living'
Nelson Mandela

Priya Vase

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I launched my career in Silicon Valley, and discovered very quickly that what runs inherently through recruitment are the stories people have to tell. I understand the need to ask good questions to get to the heart of what a person is wanting to share so that I may connect them with relevant information and opportunities.

Finding my niche in being able to identify the connectors between innovative growth stage start-up talent and the disruptive enterprise Fortune 100 players, I joined the Onset in 2019 to continue developing our relationships in the VC-backed and private equity community.

What’s different since transferring my skillset to Australasian shores has been the partnerships I’ve formed working and placing C suite execs, and building out their teams across product, design and growth.

I really enjoy working with businesses that have social drive, clear vision and are making a difference; from improving water sanitation, providing access to personalised education, and creating meaningful health outcomes. 

Specialisations:  Product, Design and Growth

Get to know Priya

I love the outdoors; going on hikes, swimming in the sea and going for a run. Recently, I’ve been practicing Yoga and Pilates.

I love reading when I have the time and am a member of a local book club.

I really enjoy spending time with friends and family, especially going for walks together after work or at the weekend.

I’m also an avid supporter of American Football!