'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'
John Lennon

Russell Gallagher

Associate Director - Cyber Security

My area of expertise for the past decade has been cyber security. I understand that keeping up with increased threats, new technology, and managing budget constraints, is tough. It is my job, particularly as one of the original founding members of Onset, to ensure my clients can do this with the right people in place.

I am typically approached by Cyber Leaders who are frustrated by certain problems:

   –  Their company is deploying 3rd party cloud providers at velocity and the attack surface is increasing.

   –  Regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards are ever changing and they need support.

   –  Increased multi-Cloud strategies, have them worried their team doesn’t have the experience to deliver to the standard required.


I currently lead Onset’s practice for Cyber, DevOps, Infrastructure and Cloud, building capability within those verticals across our customer base.

Specialisations: Cyber Security & Cloud

Get to know Russell

I enjoy playing football, going to the gym and trying not to get injured!

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and eating well.

Economic Cycles, Georgism, WD Gann and the work of Phil Anderson

I like listening to music and going to gigs.