"The simple things in life are often the best."

Thaís Amorim

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Deep Tech

Having moved from Brazil at such a young age, my journey into recruitment has been shaped by a profound appreciation for human connections. From humble beginnings, I’ve navigated unfamiliar territories, transitioning from a tech novice to confidently matching candidates with roles, fueled by a passion for transforming lives.

I look forward to covering all aspects of deep tech, from software to the hardware it runs on, and embracing the opportunity to learn from my team and make meaningful contributions. With each new venture, I’m ready to immerse myself fully and elevate my game, driven by the prospect of both personal growth and impacting others positively.

Specialisation: Deep Tech

Get to know Thaís

I love exploring the world and learning about different cultural traditions, ways of living and, most importantly, tasting ALL the amazing food.

I prioritise wellness and exercising and cooking are some of the things you’ll find me doing in my spare time.

I love reading different kinds of books and camping with my partner and Golden Retriever.